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how to create a website step by step


Step 1: Hosting Your website
Web hosting is like paying rent for your website’s virtual front, as well as the pages, images, documents, and different resources required to show that website. net hosting uses an internet server, that is wherever you place those web site resources thus others will access them through the online. you’ll build a totally practical web site on your notebook computer, but if you would like people to be ready to see it, you’ll use an internet host.
There are many sorts of net hosting choices you’ll choose from, and while several new web designers can gravitate to free net hosting, there are often vital drawbacks to those no-cost services, including:
You may get less server area wherever your pages are going to be kept. betting on the scale of your website and the resources it desires (video, audio, images, etc), that cupboard space might not be sufficient.
You may be needed to run ads on your website.
There are also bandwidth limits that might be too restrictive if you get a great deal of traffic. In some cases, if you exceed your monthly limit, they will even flip your website off.
There are typically limitations on the forms of content you’ll place on a free hosting supplier. for instance, some do not enable e-commerce websites.
Some free hosting suppliers attach maintenance and renewal fees to their “free” accounts.
Be sure to scan all the fine print before you place your web site on any net host. Free hosting suppliers might find yourself being ok for testing web content or for terribly basic, personal websites, except for a lot of skilled sites, you must expect to pay a minimum of a nominal fee for that service.
Step 2: Registering a site Name
A domain name could be a friendly universal resource locator individuals will sort into their browser to induce to your web site. Some samples of domain names include:
A domain name provides valuable stigmatization for your website and makes it easier for individuals to recollect the way to get thereto.
Domain name a year and that they are often registered at a variety of web sites on-line. In several cases, you’ll get name registration and net hosting services from a similar supplier, creating it easier on you since those services are currently contained beneath one account.
Step 3: Designing Your web site
When designing your web site, you’ll build a variety of vital decisions:
The type of {site|website|web website} you need: is that this a news or informational site, a website for a corporation or service, a non-profit or cause-driven website, AN Ecommerce search, etc. every one of those forms of sites encompasses a slightly totally different focus that may influence its style.
Navigation design: however users can move around your {site|website|web website} affects its info design in addition because of the overall usability of that site. set up out the pages a website, produce a sitemap, and develop a guidance structure from there.
Content: because oral communication goes, “content is king” online. the standard of your site’s content can play a very important role in its success. Content is everything that your pages can contain, like text, image, video and a lot of. Before you begin coming up with or building pages, you must have a transparent strategy for the content that those pages can contain.
Step 4: coming up with and Building Your web site
This is simply the foremost complicated a part of the online page creation method and there ar variety of topics to bear in mind of at this stage, including:
Design Basics: the weather of fine and applicable style and the way to use them on websites.
Learning HTML: machine-readable text terminology or HTML is that the building blocks of an internet page. whereas there are several platforms out there that may code a page’s HTML for you, you’ll do higher and have way more flexibility and management if you learn the fundamentals of HTML.
Learning CSS: Cascading vogue Sheets dictate however web content look. Learning CSS can assist you amendment the visual look of a website to match the planning desires of a project.
Web Page Editors: totally different website editor can enable you to accomplish various things.HTML and CSS are often written in straightforward text editors, like a pad of paper, or they will use code like Adobe Dreamweaver to induce some help with the pages you’re making. you’ll additionally arrange to use a Content Management system, like WordPress, to make and power your web site.
Step 5: publication Your web site
Publishing your web site could be a matter of obtaining the pages you created in step four up to the hosting supplier you found out in step one.
You can try this with either the proprietary tools that accompany your hosting service or with a regular FTP code. Knowing that you’ll use depends upon your hosting supplier, however, most suppliers ought to have support for traditional FTP. Contact that hosting supplier if you’re undecided what they are doing, and don’t support
Step 6: Promoting Your web site
One of the foremost fascinating ways to push your web site is thru program optimization or SEO. this can be as a result of it permits your website to be found by those who are trying to find the knowledge, services, or merchandise that your website provides.
You will need to make your online page in order that it’s appealing to look engines. in addition, you’ll need to make sure your website as an entire conforms to SEO
Other ways that to push your website to embody word of mouth, victimization email promoting, social media, paid search promoting (SEM), and every one the standard types of advertising.
Step 7: Maintaining Your web site
Maintenance is often the foremost tedious a part of web site style, however, so as to stay your website going well and searching smart, it desires regular attention and maintenance.
It’s important to check your website as you’re building it, so once more once it’s been live for a moment. New devices return on the market all the time and browsers are continually changing with new standards and options, thus regular testing can guarantee your website continues to perform needless to say for those totally different devices and browsers.
In addition to regular testing, you must manufacture new content on an everyday basis. don’t merely aim for “more” content, however, attempt to form content that’s distinctive, timely, and relevant to the audience you aim to draw in.

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